Thursday, August 18, 2011

Why Riga? Reasons to visit Riga.

When I meet here tourists and ask them „Why Riga?” they look at me as I’m sick asking this question. But I’m just curious! I know that Riga is a nice place, but I always want to know reasons which make people to come here. This time I’ll give you reasons for visiting Riga – no emotions, just facts:

1)      That’s the biggest city and the centre of the Baltic States
2)      That’s the place where lives half of the population of the country
3)      Riga is also called ‘The Capital of the North’, ‘Nordic Paris’, ‘The City of Inspiration’, ‘Metropolis of Art Nouveau’ – do you think it’s without a reason?
4)      Riga is one of the oldest cities in Europe and celebrating it’s 810th anniversary this year
5)      This city is the main industrial, business, culture, sports and financial center in the Baltics
6)      Easy reachable – the biggest airport in Baltics is located in Riga, the central train station is located right into the centre of the city, Baltic Sea cruise ships arriving every day.
7)      UNESCO World Heritage:
7.1. Medieval Old Town: Photos I  , Photos II 
9)       42 m high freedom monument 
10)   We keep our traditions and Latvian traditions are really interesting! A lot of it you can enjoy right in the city centre! Check: Midsummer’s night, Christmas traditions.
11)  Worlds largest Blonde Festival every year you will find in Riga 
12)  From where comes the tradition of decorating the Christmas tree? No, it’s not a joke – 500 years ago the first Christmas tree was decorated in Riga.
13)   Concerts, clubs, almost non-stop sparkling night life: Where locals have fun I  , Where locals have fun II Live Music Open-Air concerts
15)  Riga is where the magical Riga Balck Balsam was made more than 250 years ago and definitely the best place where to taste it
16) Small, cozy, artistic cafes, restaurants, tea-rooms with a soul are welcoming and charming: Bohemian Street - The Street of Peace, 3 in 1: art-gallery, shop and restaurant
18)  It’s the Capital city of the country you can find among Worlds Best Ethical Destinations 2011 and Top 10 Destinations for Adventure Travel 
19)  Riga is getting ready for 2014 when it will carry the title „European Capital of Culture”
20)  There is something more – Riga is also outside the borders of Planet Earth – there is a planet named Riga!!! A small planet number 1796 betwean Mars and Jupiter got the name ‘Riga’ way back in 1971!

Happy birthday Riga on your 810th anniversary!


  1. Umm... thanks this helped me with my college work.

  2. 30/09/2013 baby!!!

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