Monday, August 8, 2011

3 in 1: Art Gallery, Shop and Restaurant

„Istaba” (The Room) is an art-gallery – shop and restaurant. The small gallery-shop will make you wonder – you can find there interesting and original things from greeting cards to tableware, jevelry, matches, souveniers, home design objects – all created by local artists. Monthly exhibitions to highlight different types of art work  are organized here, so what will you see there when you come depends on the exhibition which is currently on. If you are searching for original gifts or souveniers, this place is just perfect – no trite nonsense  or rubbish, but pure art even in small practical things!

If the shop already takes you into a little dream world where every thing around you is a piece of art than the restaurant „Istabas Bufete” on the first floor allows you to dwell longer in this little La Boheme world. I think the best thing to order here is a glass of wine, although the food here is prapared by one of Latvia’s most popular local chefs Mārtiņš Sirmais. Here is just a small daily menu and if you want to eat something here the chef himself will consult you what to order. That’s also the reason why it’s not possible to know how much money you have to take with you. You can get soup, fish, meat and vagetables around 3 – 8Ls, not the cheapest place, but the food there is always fresh, ecological and high quality – these are the values of the chief.

People are admiring or hating this place. Some of them goes away from there totally unsatisfied with service – no menu, no big choise, just what the chief offers, others leave with smiling faces and always returns there to enjoy it’s atmosphere and celebrate the life with a glass of wine and intellectual talks for hours.

Address: Kr. Barona iela 31a
Working hours: Monday to Saturday: gallery-shop 12.00 – 20.00, restaurant: 12.00– 24.00, Sunday – closed

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