Monday, June 20, 2011

The Old Town - Heart of Riga

Last Saturday I took the camera and went for a walk at the Old Town. I'm not a professional photographer, but I hope at least some little part of the atmosphere here you will see. 

It’s in the heart of Riga near the river called Daugava. The official year of foundation of Riga is 1201, the beginnings of the city was build by German bishop Albert. Small streets will lead you to gothic churches, medieval buildings – it really has some special aura. At the same time it’s also the centre of sparkling nightlife which usually gets it’s highlights starting form Wednesday’s evening and getting again more peacefull just on Sunday mornings. This part of Riga never sleeps. 

During the day time you will find here great variety of shopping opportunities from expensive chich to street markets with souvniers, hand-made crafts and paintings etc, museums and art galleries. At summers The Old Town gets filled with all kinds of open-air cafes and beer gardens, street performances, live music and celebrations. And when the night comes over The Old Town it’s streets are filled with cheerfull people for active night life: bars, pubs, clubs for taste of everyone. 

For visitors of Riga you will find here variety of hostels and 5 star hotels. Different guides/exursions on summer you can get here right on the street – no need to book your excursions before coming if you don’t have any specific interests. This place is more than enjoyable not only to Rigans, but also visitors of the city. Even for me – when I get there inside, it’s hard to leave.

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