Tuesday, May 10, 2011

See Riga From Height of Birds Flight!

And once again about being high! No, I don’t speak this time about flying, nor about smoking strange things to get high. I speak about seeing Riga from a bird’s point of view. Of course, dinner in the sky is something unique and must be really exciting, but not all of us can afford it and not always it is here.

You have probably red one of my previous posts about the TV Tower. (It’s here) It’s a great choice to go there, maybe you could just have some difficulties with getting there. But, no problem, there are other places, too.

What I usually advice for my friends and guests of Latvia is The Academy of Sciences. It’s in the centre of Riga, it’s easy to go there and the view to Riga is really wide  - you can see the Old Town, historycal centre, so called Moscow Suburbs of Riga, you can enjoy contrasts. The buiding itself was built after World War II, between 1953 and 1956 and it was the first skyscraper in the republic. The building is a cousin to similar Stalin-era skyscrapers in Warshaw and Moscow, and the example of Stalinist architecture. See the birds eye view to Riga from the 17th-floor balcony (height of 65 metres, 213 ft)! It's located next to the Central Market & Train Station.

You can also enjoy the view of Riga from the biggest church in the Old Town – St. Peter’s church. Another view you will get from the 26st floor of the Radisson Blue Hotel "Skyline" bar at the city centre – these are beautiful sunsets you can enjoy together with your friends with a glass of your favorite drink there! Radisson Blue you will easily see walking just some 3 min from the Freedom Monument to the historycal centre (away from the Old Town)


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