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You are totally right – I love the Capital of Latvia - Riga and I’ll be glad to meet you here! Also the countryside and small towns of Latvia are beautiful and worth seeing.

I've heard that this has been the 1st personal blog dedicated to this destination. Well, I haven't made very deep researches, but that's true - when I stared there wasn't any similar blog about Riga or Latvia that wasn't run by someone who wants to sell something to you.

It's a regularly visited blog by people from around the world. But... I'm kind of done with this blog (and related Twitter account) For me it's time to move on. If anyone is willing to take over it - let me know writing to friendinriga@gmail.com

Best wishes,
Your Friend in Riga


  1. good day. please do not stop this blog. i love Riga and i would love to see it in the eyes of someone other than myself. especially someone who has no complexions about Riga's richness and diversities.

  2. Hello friend,

    my (other) friend and I were really thankful to find your blog when we prepared for our 4 day trip to Riga/Jurmala this summer. Of course, going on a short trip is in no way comparable to moving to a place, but it was a real joy to scroll through your articles, read about your observations and build an understanding of the Latvian culture from there. If you'd like to see how our trip went, you can check it out here: https://mintandcopper.wordpress.com/2015/10/11/sheer-beauty-4-days-in-riga/
    We had 4 days on a budget and we really felt like we made the best out of it - such a beautiful city! One of the nicest trips I've experienced so far. Would love to come back some time, maybe also for a longer period.

    All the best


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