Thursday, October 4, 2012

Warm Relationship with Riga Black Balsam on Cold Season

I usually don't get that excited to write 4 tweets about the same thing in 15 minutes. But it happened to me today and I guess that's a sign I should write a blog about it... In fact, I already did it... a year ago... Here: Where to Get The Best Medicine Ever - Honey, Herbs and Riga Black Balsam? 

The thing is that this story will be about that one magical ingredient  - Riga Black Balsam. 

I know I've been lazy (again) and I actually should write a blog about my Poland - Italy trip, but there are some obvious reasons I feel I should write about Riga Black Balsam today.

1) My Riga Black Balsam season has started exactly today
2) Riga Black Balsam is one of the best things in Riga
3) 2 days ago I tried (yes, the first time in my life) Riga Coffee (with the same magical ingredient) - although home-made coffee with balsam has been my love for several years
4) With my flatmates today we discovered a new recipe to fight cold (with the same magical ingredient)
5)  I discovered @RigaBlackBalsam on Twitter

And here come some explanations:

Riga Black Balsam season lasts from around October to March, so - cold season. No,that's not any kind of official season, that's my personal season. This beverage is good on summer with ice-cream too, but there is one big reason why cold months of the year is Black Balsam season. I've got out of all winter colds and sicknesses without any strong medicine for 2 winters because I use this magical ingredient. No, it doesn't mean I've been walking around drunk. It means that if I say that remedy for everything is Riga Black Balsam  - I really mean it.

My flatmate caught first awful autumn cold, and we are not people who have medicine at home. I'm usually the one people ask how to get out of cold (probably my old traditional recipes that do not include medicine you get at your doctor or pharmacy work well and do not hurt wallets). You already know my answer for cold season, so we were running to shop to get it. Well, since today at least all cold season we will keep it at home as I've done it for previous winters. 

And here comes our new recipe to fight cold:

Mix together hot water, honey, Riga Black Balsam, some pieces of lemon, a bit of cinnamon and black pepper. Ehm... That all to taste... We find it not only delicious, but also extremely helpful hot drink. (We invented it today, just in case if someone else hasn't discovered it before us although I'm not so sure about it).

My German friends totally love Riga Black Balsam, but two days ago I met a guy from Brazil who told me - "Oh, you mean that strong dark brown drink! Well... Some shots with it was my mistake last night, so I was totally wasted..." I didn't ask how many shots he drunk, but talking about me - I definitely feel much better having coffee with Riga Black Balsam especially when the central heating in Riga is not on yet and cold is knocking on windows.

So, if you are coming to Riga - at least try it! You can get it in almost every shop, cafe and bar. I don't ask you to drink it plain, try it in cocktails or coffee - it is delicious!


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