Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Beaches: the seaside is within easy to reach

It’s hot here. And I should inform you about beaches you can find close to Riga. Just remember – the most popular beaches will be absolutely crowded when the weather is like this. We do have really nice beaches close to Riga and the seaside is easy reachable.

The hottest month in Latvia is July. On the internet you will find that the average temperature 21 – 23 degrees (Celsium) in Latvia on summer. Well... It’s not really true... Last years we have really hot summers. Right now already two weeks average temperature every day is around 30 degrees. Ok, that high temperature is not so common for the beginning of June, but 23 degrees is definitely not true anymore for summers in Latvia. So you need to know how to get to the beach.

The most popular beaches where you can easily get by train are located on Jūrmala – train stations called Majori or Dubulti. Another very popular beach easy accesible by train is Vecāķi. In summer  there are additional trains because the traffic to these beaches is quite busy. Don’t be surprised if on the way back from the beach, for example from Vecāķi, the train will be so crowded that you will have to stand on one feet to get back to Riga.

There are two beaches accessible by City's Public Transportation from the centre of Riga. You can go to the lake Ķīšezers, take the tram nr. 11. and get out at the last stop or near Riga Zoo. And you can reach the Baltic Sea by the bus which goes to Bolderāja. This definitely is my favorite beach close to Riga. No, it’s not just close – it’s in Riga! It's not so popular  beach and it's usually not mentioned in any advices for foreigners. But it's a nice place!

To get to this nice beach with  Blue Flag in Bolderāja you have to take bus nr.3 and go to the last bus stop. When you get out of bus on one hand you will see the meadow with  the land rote. That’s the way you have to go. Going through the meadow use the opportunity to check the view from the observation tower you will see there. It’s made for observing birds in these meadows. Then you will have to walk some more metres through the wood and you will reach the sea. Enjoy it.


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