Call for writers!

Hey! I'm alone here on the other side of the screen and I see that people pretty much enjoy reading this blog. I want to keep it running and I want people to get fresh info about Riga, Latvia, places to see and activities to enjoy etc. Soooo, if there is something you want to tell guests of Riga, would you like to share it through this blog? Wanna become guest blogger or contributing author?

This is what I would love to see on this blog written by you: 

- Places to visit in Riga
- Tips and tricks for Riga guests
 - Places to eat in Riga
 - Tourist friendly places to enjoy nightlife in Riga
 - Personal experiences of being traveler in Riga (your personal story and thoughts that might help others)
 - Everything what's cheap and great, undiscovered, underrated etc.
 - Museums, architecture and districts worth seeing
 - Pictures (if you want to deliver only pictures that's fine as well)
 - Your ideas are more than welcome!

I'm not paying anything to have this blog, nor I am receiving any money to keep it running, so if you want to join me - it's a voluntary work. We can add your name or links to your personal blogs, on-line profiles etc.  if you think it might help you, but I do not offer any payment for your participation. The idea is sharing! As you might have heard - sharing is caring! :) 

Please, do not submit press releases or advertorial articles - this simply isn't the right place for it. Also, I've previously received offers to get money for publishing advertorial articles on this blog. I really appreciate your appreciation of my blog as a great platform to reach readers, but c'mon, my sunshines. This is a place for experiences, for sharing and help in enjoying Riga as much as possible finding what's suitable for those who don't call Riga their home. 

Guidelines: well, not really... I just want your English to be readable (no, my English skills are not perfect as well :), I also don't ask for long-term involvement if you are not looking for it. One story or 10 articles? It doesn't matter. They all are welcome! Just one thing: I will read them before posting on this blog. And, please,  keep in mind that the main audience are backpackers and budget travelers.

If you want to join me in sharing and caring, please, send me a message to!

Hoping to hear from you soon!

Warm regards, 
Your busy Friend in Riga

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