Monday, July 18, 2011

Free Live Music Open-Air concerts Every Evening – hot spots in Riga this summer!

There are 3 hot spots for live music every evening in The Old Town – 3 open-air cafes, beer gardens which offers enjoy not only different tastes of foods and drinks, but also good music.

Livu Square (Līvu laukums) close to the Freedom monument (on Kaļķu street) is full
with summer cafes. Near the terraces like „Kaļķu vārti”, „Mad House”, „Blue Cow” and others you will find a place called „Zelta Fīlings” (Golden Feeling)! Taste one of 36 sorts of local and world famous beers they offer and enjoy latino & jazz!

If you keep walking the same (Kaļķu) street you can turn right on Sķūņu street. You will reach another square - Dome Sqare – with the Dome cathedral and some other summer terraces: „Planeta Sushi”, „Double Cafe”, Summer cafe of „13 Krēsli” (13 Chairs) with Mitrokhin’s Master band performing live regularry and my favorite place – „No Problem”. „No Problem” has nice atmosphere and good live music – rock, jazz, sometimes country. And this is the place which with it’s music quite often make people to move from their chairs and dance. Also the prices here are really reasonable.Just sometimes it’s too crowded to find a place to enjoy the music there.

The 3rd place which sometimes makes me to stop to enjoy the music is cafe „Egle” near the Town Hall square – Rātslaukums – with famous Backheads houses you see on almostly every postcard from Riga. You can get back to Kaļķu street and you will find it soon. There is a Christmas tree made from peaces of mirror, Souvenier shop with a big black cat next to it called „Riga Cat” and there is this cafe „Egle” – open air leisure venue with live music every evening from 8PM. Traditional music, classical rock songs, jazz, popular latvian rock & pop bands – all kinds of music.

Free entrance & nice concerts in all 3 cafes. And all summer long there is Summer Stage at the sqaure near the central station with different concerts, mostly on weekends. Enjoy!

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