Sunday, July 10, 2011

Where locals have fun II (Shot Cafe & Leningrad)

Travelling around is a great thing to do, but when I came back home, Riga doesn’t allow me to get rested. If you came to Riga it’s sparkling life from morning to morning will take you in. My favorite question for toursits I meet here is, of course,  - why Riga? The nightlife is one of these reasons.Yes, also bars and clubs you can find here opened till 6 – 7 am. Check my previous post: Where locals have fun 

Two more places with great atmosphere I would like to add the the list of places to enjoy & have fun:

„Shot cafe” in the Old Town of Riga right next to the War Museum (Torņa street 4) – small, cosy bar with around 100 different shots and other drinks with reasonable prices. The place where during the day time you can get your lunch and during the night you can enjoy parties till morning, and if you get there at the happy hour you get 3 shots paying just for 2. That’s the place which has became the favorite place for a lot of Rigans and guests of Riga.

„Leningrad” – also in The Old Town (Kalēju street 54) – artsy place to meet with friends or young Latvian artists. DJ events, literary meetings and art events provide the necessary spice to keep you coming back time and again. You can come in and feel like home there, take a book from the book shelf, play some games or even piano. 

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