Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Low-Cost World and People Who Should Pay More.

Once again about airlines, awards and low cost flights. I’m actually not so frequent flier to talk much about airlines, but as a former travel agent selling tickets to flights from almostly all airlines and as a person who is meeting a lot of different people flying more often than me, I still believe I have my own voice in this topic. What has inspired me this time?  World Low Cost Airlines Congress: The 2011 Awards Shortlist Announced 

Of course, I’m more than glad to mention AirBaltic again as an awarded airline: Best Ancillary Revenue Innovation Nr. 2. About AirBaltic and their inventions I wrote before here (it was another top). 

The World Low Cost Airlines Congress has listed different awarded cathegories: Best Low Cost Airline, Best Airport, Best Website, CEO of the Year, Technology Foresight Award, Best Ancillary Revenue Innovation, Best Sales and Distribution Innovation, Airlines Pacesetter Award. We see here Air Asia, dear friend Ryanair, SkyExpress, EasyJet, WizzAir, Jetstar Airways and others.

Have you checked, for example, Facebook pages for these airlines? „I fly with them just because I have no other option”, „They do not allow this, they do not allow that!”, „I’ll never again fly with them!!” When I was working as a travel agent it was normal to receive calls form people begging: „Please, I have no money, I have to get there, give me the cheapest ticket possible, but just not Aeroflot/Air Asia etc.” Here we go – cheapest possible, but please with candle light, jazz music and wine in crystal glasses. Correct? There are people who are choosing to pay more, to get more comfort and I’m absolutely ok with that. Saying „I fly with them because I have no other option” is kind of stupid – is there a country where goes only cheap Ryanair and no other airline? I really doubt. I have heard people even crying over the phone. But choosing low-cost ariline you choose also service, no? Do you really need all extras flying 1- 2 hours? Maybe you could just wait a little more to collect money for some not ‘low-cost’ airline if you know that comfort and great service is very important for you, or if you have to spend on the way more than 5 hours and know that ‘low-cost’ could spoil your mood and your holidays?

There are soooo many people who have left their countries to work abroad because of crisis, and Ryanair in Europe usually is the airline helping these people to get where they want, helping them to meet their friends and families. Some people are checking Ryanair prices almostly everyday to get the flight just some euros cheaper, and they get it. Of course, there are different cases and different accidents, but I believe none of these low cost airlines are torturing people.

Are you expecting that your shoes bought for 10$ you will wear 5 years? Are you expecting crystal glasses on McDonalds? Would be nice. I’m more than happy if you get all what you need and all what you would like to get paying less!

Read the rules of an airline when you book your ticket! Low-cost airlines – go! Congratulations and best wishes for awarded low-cost airlines 2011!

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