Sunday, October 16, 2011

Red, Yellow, Gold - Must See in Latvia.

Your friend in Riga has been silent for some time. It doesn't mean that there was nothing happening in Riga. First and the most important things - Golden Autumn is here with all it's colors and cold. And yesterday finally even my house got central heating on. If we talk about enjoying colors of autumn I can not keep this secret - there is a must-visit place in Latvia to enjoy this season - and this place is called Sigulda.

53 kms away from Riga is "outdoor activity capital of Latvia and home to a Olympic standard bobsleigh track". As soon as people see first yellow/red/orange leaves on trees they are hedding to Sigulda. If you check the map, you will see that we have no mountains here and our highest point in the country is so "high" that I'm even afraid to mention it here, but it's located in Sigulda: the main reason for going to Sigulda is it's picturesque landscpes. Every step there can become a picture: medieval castles, river Gauja, nature paths, caves and hills - this place has inspired a lot of painters and makes you to take marvelous photos.

Why Sigulda is in my heart? Actually not because of autumn, but spring: I stayed a night at the river Gauja some years ago first days of June. And the early morning: was amazing: first sunlight,  fog, birds flying low over the water, roes on the other side of the river and these landscapes... It felt like in a fairytale. These really are fairytale views. And autumn makes this all to shine in gold.

This video will let you to see pictures of autumn in different places in Latvia: Riga, Sigulda and more. Song by Latvian band "Brainstorm", language  - Latvian.

 Start your trip here with 360 degrees virtual tours in Sigulda

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