Sunday, September 4, 2011

Are you ready to kick your mind out of the comfort zone?

That's true - if in summer Riga is the capital of hot non-stop parties, in autumn the face of the city is different. All these parties are stilll here, and maybe even more, but in facial expressions the city is different. It's getting cold and dark. Days are short. Rain. That's a perfect place for autumns depression... Riga is using this dark, uncomfortable season to make you even more uncomfortable: modern arts are taking over the streets and buildings of Riga. You will be surprised, excited, upset and more. One of these events every autumn in Riga is SOUND FOREST - Adventurous Music and Film Festival.

‘Sound Forest’ (Skaņu Mežs) is music festival which plays not only with your ears, but mostly with mind. The first Sound Forest was organized in 2003 to show the latest activities in the world of music and this is also a provocation for new angles in music. The artists in Sound Forest are surprising, boring, shocking, incomprehensible... These are brave artists from all over the world - the future of music – the music for which we are probably not ready yet.  Sound Forest 2011 will be in Riga on 16th – 17th of September.

The organizers of the festival say, they are doing it to “knock the mind out of the comfortable and dull "reality" to remind you of an alternative”. Isn't that what we need to keep as moving? Aren't we too comfortable with our own complaining and our own brainwashed opinions? Aren't we too much into "realities" which we have  artificially built in our minds?

Other events every autumn in Riga which make you "to step out of the box":  Riga is going to take you away to the magical world of arts and dreams this autumn

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