Wednesday, December 29, 2010

AirBaltic on Top 10

Latvian-based low cost airline AirBaltic on “Top 10 most popular trends and innovation stories on in 2010” is number 6.

Why? Because AirBaltic in recent years has made a transformation from a point-to-point low-cost carrier to a hybrid network. Besides rapidly growing its network, airBaltic also established its own taxi company - BalticTAXI, and BalticBike - a bike sharing service. The airline has turned its Riga hub into a connecting point for travelers from Nordic and Northwestern Europe to the rapidly growing markets of the former Soviet Union and the Middle East. AirBaltic offers transfer its passengers (60% of customers) at Riga through ticketing and check-in, as well as 25-minute connection times, and other hybrid LCC features include a 2-class cabin, airport lounge, and a frequent flyer program.
Full Top 10:

1. KLM surprises passengers with little acts of kindness

2. Monocle creates the perfect airline: Nippon Nordic Air

3. Finnair goes on an upcycling spree  

4. Premium economy gains further ground on long-haul flights

5. Qantas unveils ‘next generation’ check-in for its frequent flyers

6. Entrepreneurial airBaltic extends brand to taxi and bike sharing services

7. Airlines go local with their inflight drinks

8. Airlines create innovative guarantees to ease passengers’ booking worries

9. Schiphol Airport teams up with Philips to develop ‘ambient gate’

10. Emirates, Cathay, Air NZ latest airlines to ‘crowdsource’ new products

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