Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Occupation, Museum and Alcoholic Shot that tells the History

Since  every single day I’m with backpackers from around the world who comes to Riga I’m really surprised how actually the 20 years old Museum of the Occupation of Latvia is popular among tourists. Almost every day I meet someone who has been there, is going there or wants to go there, what makes me to think that really is one of the must-see things in Riga.  And definitely the number 1 museum in Riga visited by foreign guests. 

The original building of the museum you can find at the Old Town – Town Hall square, BUT  - due to renovation it has changed the address for a while. Good news – it’s not very far from it’s previous location and not far from the Old Town. The Bastion Hill and the Freedom monument you can find right on the border between the Old Town and „New Riga” or the city center, and that’s where you can find the Museum of the Occupation of Latvia as well – at Raiņa bulvāris 7.

Check out their website here:

Aaaand here is the virtual tour into the occupation of Latvia:!/en/lang
Oh, almost forgot: if we talk about the occupation and museums here is some alcoholic entertainment to get to know the history in Riga.  Lately a new shot has concured the hearts of locals in Riga and it is called „Occupation Museum” (or „Okupācijas Muzejs” in Latvian). The shot „Occupation Museum” consists of something from Latvians, something from Germans and something from Russians (that’s already a lesson in history of Latvia): Riga Black balsam, Jagermeister and vodka. As bitter as the truth of history. Get it at Shot Cafe located at Jacob's Barracks at the Old Town.

*picture taken from the official website of  the Museum of the Occupation of Latvia

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