Thursday, January 30, 2014

Your lazy friend just woke up in European Capital of Culture

Oh my!!! I've been busy enough to forget this blog for... uhm... pretty long time. Not just bolg, my e-mail as well...

Firstly, I'm pretty impressed how many readers have visited this blog all these months when I didn't drop a line. You guys rock! 

Secondly, I'm terribly sorry for all these e-mails I haven't answered. Well... I have nothing to say to defend myself... The only thing I can do is to get back to this blog - obviously there are people out there who want to read it, so I'm making a promise to myself that I'm getting back to this blog with new info. If I'll leave it again, please grab my ear and pull me back. 

So which country just started to use Euro? Latvia. Since 1st of January. 

And which is European Capital of Culture this year? Riga. 

While I'm trying to get warm running my fingers on keyboard (huh, it's pretty cold here), enjoy this video:

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