Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Where to Get The Best Medicine Ever - Honey, Herbs and Riga Black Balsam?

Inspiring #TTOT (Travel Talk on Twitter), cold and dark November outside and my own home pushed me to write about it (finally). When I say that remedy for everything is Riga Black Balsam  - I really mean it. (And everyone is laughing at me). So here is my Latvian recipe of surviving cold and dark period of the year - the content of my Latvian medicine cabinet: honey, herbs and Riga Black Balsam. 

You probably are aware of medicinal properties of honey (I mean real countryside honey made by real bees from real nectar from flowers). Our ancestors knew it and used it and we keep doing the same. Such a nice medicine - even children love it! If you are in Riga, here are some places to get ecological Latvian honey: for example Honey Room next to St. Peters church in the Old Town.

Another important thing - herbs for tea. I have no idea how aware of all this herbs thing you are, but in Latvia it's a must in summers to go to meadows and woods and gather herbs for yourself, dry them and use. A lot of magic in Latvia is around Summer Solstice and Midsummers Night - it is also the best day to gather powerfull herbs. Using the right herbs at the right time will save you from all disasters of cold and winter viruses. If you've been lazy on summer and haven't picked herbs from meadows, you can get them at Riga Central Market or at one of these small eco-shops which are growing in Riga like mushrooms after the rain.

Honey + herbal tea is almost perfect combination. But there is 3rd component not less important than previous two: Riga Black Balsam. It is petty strong – made in Latvia –  herbal liquer since 1752. Add it to your herbal tea with honey, to your morning coffee, mix it with backcurrant juice, enjoy it in cocktails and party with it. You can get it everywhere around Riga, everywhere in Latvia.
Now I have told you all 3 secret components. All of them tasty separated and tasty together. I have them all at home. I really avoid useing pharmaceutical drugs and this combination of 3 (including a lot of variations of herbs) - is the key to say happy "Hi!" to cold season and enjoy it!

To tease your taste buds get to know Latvian food at Taste The Place

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  1. During my last few days in Riga, I felt sick with a cold. I decided to follow this guide and bought some Riga Black Balsam. I then put it in black tea with honey, although it was just packaged honey. It was very good. We will see how it works. :)


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