Monday, November 21, 2011

Festival of Lights, Riga, 2011

Holiday in Latvia with Independence Day and Festival of Lights "Staro Rīga" (Beaming Riga) is over. Now Latvia too will switch to Christmas mood.  Festival of Lights is growing every year bigger and bigger. This year there were 85 objects around the city. In these 4 days of festival (17. - 20. November) I didn't manage to see all of it.  Lights and sounds these days have been making people dizzy. You know  - it's not possible to put in  a picture live light, video projection and feelings, also - this is just a simple camera which in dark makes wonders :) Beaming Riga/ Staro Rīga  - festival of lights which changes the streets, parks, gardens of Riga in darkness with lights - from small candles till big installations and projections changing the appearance  of buildings.  

This object looked calm and quite in the urban environment. Like other people I was smiling seeing how nice this object looks and attached to discovering how it has been made, but thanks to a small child who was explaining his vision to his parents I also was able to see what it is - these are not lamps, but that's how a city with its blockhouses looks at night!

Riga channel is always surprising with light & water games in the city center, but I have never been able to make a good picture of it, well - I guess you just have to see it with your own eyes.

Public toilet! It was standing there like any other day - quiet and simple. Then it started to whisper: "Please,  look at me!" And then it turned into the Coliseum!
 The Bastion hill was filled with candles and flying ships:
Door to imaginary reality:

And at the end enjoy some fireworks from Independence Day - 18th of November right after singing national anthem  - thousands of people together at the river Daugava.

Here you can find some pictures from Beaming Riga 2010

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