Thursday, November 10, 2011

18th of November: Through National Songs and Lights of Beaming Riga

When that dark season is already arrvied here – empty trees, dark streets, no colors of golden autumn  and no snow yet, Riga gets into celebrations. 18th of november – the national holiday – birthday of Latvia – proclomation day. What we do on this day in Riga? 

1) We go to watch National Armed Forces parade on the first part of the day at the river Daugava with the orchestra of Latvian armed forces. (11:00)
2) We go to concerts, church, make family dinner, put flowers at our freedom monument – it depends on family traditions
3) Evening part comes with the celebration event at the freedom monument with Latvian folk and choir songs and the most important – the President’s speech
4) We all are hedding back to the riverside (where we started our day with the parade) to watch fireworks over the River of destiny – Daugava.

If you are in Riga on 18th of November, you might be surprised seeing that partriotism and national consciousness which is in the air these days in November. You are welcome to join on this celebration!  

Another big and worth seeing event  - Beaming Riga. The city has been changed through colors, lights and music, technology and creativity every year around 18th on November.  This year Beaming Riga is form 17th to 21st on November – in different places  all over the city.

Let me find some pictures I made at the last years Beaming Riga and I’ll share them with you in my next post.

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