Tuesday, November 1, 2011

What's in a jar in Latvia?

That's it: no more food in fields, woods and gardens. Winter is just a step away. Those who worked and picked up different goodies the nature gives us, will get their healthy summer portion in winter too. Those who didn't... ups... those who didn't will have to hope that they will be invited to enjoy goodies in a jar by some nice family in a countryside. If for some people salting, marinating, boiling jam, preparing winter salad etc is just a hobby, for some people it's lifestyle. People at the countryside of Latvia has always kept this great habit, and of course economical crisis have made a lot of people to come back to the wisdom of our ancestries and take again in their hands grandmothers receipt notes. What's in a jar in Latvia?
And not only that. As you know - it depends on family traditions and taste buds. Add to the list of these goodies mentioned before - potatoes, carrots, cabbages, honey and herbs.

Old Latvian wisdom says "Make the sled in the summer and the wheels in winter". Isn't it a nice quote?

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