Monday, July 11, 2011

Your Guided Tour in Riga: professional, walking, bus tour, friendly and free

You are coming to Riga. You want to take an excursion to get to know the city? You will have problems to choose the best one or the most suitable for you because there are so many! Normally price for an excursion in Riga starts from 10Ls (15Euros) per person – one hour walking tour, but you can also find free tours! Here are 4 options for you.

Bus Tour:
The fastest and easiest way is to take Riga Bus tour – sightseeing tour by bus through all city. No walking, no bad weather can bother you, audioguide in 10 languages... . Sightseeing tour buses departs daily every hour from the Latvian National Opera, Town Hall Square (Rātslaukums) and Radisson Blu Hotel Latvija. Bus tour duration is 90 minutes. Ticket price 10Ls (15 Eur). You can also get Hop-on Hop-off ticket which is valid for two days and costs 14Ls (20 Eur)

Professional Guide:
Next one comes agency SmileLine – walking tours – aslo very easy, you find them in The Old Town near the Occupation Museum under yellow umbrella. Just got stright to them and get your excursion – well planned walking tour. You can also check Riga Guides register: and book your excursion before coming. And you can find hundreds of other agencies offering excursions. Starting from 10Ls per person.

Free Tour:
Escape the Old Town and discover stories of Riga from the past and present in a 3 hour walking tour. Starting point – in front of the entrance of the St. Peter’s church every day at 12.00. As a youth project the Free Tour operates for tips only so if you like the tour you can give your part to support the cause.

Free "Your Friend in Riga Tour" is also possible if you contact me via e-mail: and want to meet a local friend in Riga. You are welcome to tell me your interests or whatever comes into your mind you would like to see/to do/to feel in Riga. I’m not a professional guide – just living here, working and partying, going to events and walking around. I have some knowledge in history, literature, music, I know the cultural life and values of Riga, I can take you to the places where professional guides don’t go and I will honestly share my experience about living here. I will be glad to meet you here! :)

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