Sunday, July 24, 2011

Creative Sand Sculpture Park „Magic Sand Riga 2011”

Cross the river Daugava, take a walk on the Stone Bridge - the view to Riga from there is wide and beautiful. On the other side of the river this summer till September is creative sand sculpture park. It's not big, but worth seeing it.

"Magic Sand" is an international festival. In Riga you will see artwork by 12 professional world class sand masters. Entrance fee - 2Ls, for additional fee you can create your own sand sculpture. Sand sculpture park also offers other activites - like "Game Station" for children, workshops and early morning yoga classes. Working hours: every day 10AM - 9PM.

 I went there today. There are less sculptures than I was expecting, but - real masterpieces, the view to Riga is wonderfull and the atmosphere there today was really meditative & peacefull. Artists working, and not only kids playing in a big sandbox. I also enjoyed playing with the sand! This place will calm you down and inspire.

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