Monday, January 2, 2012

Where Locals Have Fun III

Time to get to know other places where locals are having fun, in other words - places for your evenings and nights in Riga. Previously I took you to "Pulkvedis", "Greenwood", "Nabaklab", "Leningrad" and "Shot Cafe".

If "Pulkvedis" is a place with 16 years experience in making people to dance, then here is one other place with huge experience  - "Cuba Cafe" - coctail bar in the heart of the Old Town, on the same street with other bars like Spot Cafe and Greenwood next to the Dome Square. "Cuba" cafe doesn't give you a huge dancing place, but still - their DJs will make you to move. Quite romantic place, often filled (or really crowded) with tourists and locals. Kind of a place for tequila and heating the dance floor. 

One of newest most interesting places in Riga Old Town is folk club "Ala" on Smilšu street, close to the Powder Tower (War Museum). This place takes people in the journey around the world: folk bands from around the world are performing here, and when there is no foreign artists, you will be invited to join joyfull Latvian folk dances. This place in the basement is really charming - the first and only traditional music bar in Latvia. Dancing evenings are great here: you can watch traditional Latvian dances and get into the dancing like Latvian. If you are in Riga, I hope you will get there in one of these dancing evenings. 

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