Wednesday, December 14, 2011

"Path of Christmas Trees" - Find Your Avant-garde Christmas Tree!

Last year there was 500 years celebration since the first tree in Christmas was decorated in Riga in 1510, but this year Riga is full with traditional and absolutely avant-garde trees - the festival „Path of Christmas Trees” is in Riga – one of these artistic festivals in Riga turning the urban environment in the miraculous place of wonders. Of course, the best time to see these objects is dark hours of the day.

42 different objects in the urban environment – free to see, enjoy and get inspired until 15th of January. 14 of these objects are made by new artists of Latvian Academy of Art. All objects are copyrighted and unique created for this festival-competition. The first festival „Path of Christmas Trees” was the last year and there is a promise that it will be in Riga every year. 

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You might also enjoy these pictures of "Beaming Riga" festival which changes the urban environment in November

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