Friday, July 29, 2011

One Strong Reason to Visit Riga in August – 810.

You already know that there are thousands of  reasons to visit Riga. Here is one more reason – very big and strong reason to be in Riga this year on August – Riga is celebrating it’s birthday 810! When travelling I guess you want to get from every place as much as possible – Riga 810 festival will give you all: 19th – 21st of August this city will take you into vibrant life of culture, arts, sports and traditions! Diffrent places in the Capital of  Latvia, events for every taste! Ok, this is what you can get:

19.08. on Cinema Festival at the Kalnciema Quarter you will be introduced to the 45 years of Latvian animation – from Latvia’s Walt Disney to contemporary stars. In The Old Town at the Dome Square you will have chance to hear beautifull music – Old Towns towers will resound to the sounds of music. Interested in active recreation? Riga Festival Night Race is for you – and it’s inseparable parf of the festival: ayone is invited to take part in the event! But in the sky above the Daugava waterway between the Salu and Dienvidu bridges you will see air acrobatic competition, in which the best professional pilots will take part!

20.08. is the central day of the festival. Canal Regatta – Freeport of Riga Cup, Salsa Marathon will bring here a lot of positive energy and everyone will be able to dance to Latino rhythms, whether or not they've ever learnt salsa steps. Vērmanes Garden will be home for the festival of traditional culture – music, dances, crafts and workshops. But by the Latvian National Opera you will be able to watch 24 hour basketball tournament „Match of The Riverbanks”. Even Riga Central Market these days is inviting you to performances, but on the Street of Theatre in The Old Town you will have a chance to be a witness of the Proclamation of the City: right up till the last moment, neither those developing the "Proclamation of the city" performance, nor those acting in it will know what it will look like – there are rumors that they will play music on the rocks and sawsAldaru Street invites you to food festival – you will enter the authentic atmosphere of 1930's Rīga. But Mežaparks which holds the best Latvian song and dance festivals traditions on evening will charm your ears and eyes with 7000 choir singers and 400 dancers and brass band memebers at the main concert „Master. Song. Legend.”

21.08. at Vērmanes Master Garden will be Folk Festival and Annual Market of Decorative Arts Goods, Rowing Festival in Riga city Canal, creative workshops for children on Jāņa Street, Museum of the History of Rīga and of Navigation invites to Riga’s Stories from The Centuries – see, learn, dance, inquire and find out...

It’s a great time to be in Riga! And a lot of offers to choose what fits the best for you!  Don’t miss this chance – 810 is just once!

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