Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Spring, Easter, Birch juice, Summer caffes & Beer gardens

Your friend in Riga is glad to tell you how nice the weather is here last days!!! Oh, such a pleasure! On Easter I, of course, left my dear Riga to enjoy the beauty of the countryside. Do you drink Birch juice? Yes, the juice you get from the Birches, from trees. You can also get them at the Riga Central Market on spring, but I’m afraid this year the season is over. (Riga Central Market is the first place which reacts to any natural local benefits you can get accordingly to the season) So I got the last birch juices of this spring. In the picture you can see the way of getting fresh, healthy and tasty birch juice!

I also was painting eggs, enjoying egg-fights with my relatives and yeah... And painting eggs for Easter in a traditional  way is  like magical game for kids and a little meditation for adults: first you go out to find the first herbs, small leaves and grass, than you prepare onionskin, you tie herbs to eggs, you boil that all and at the end you see the result - a little magic is in that process. In this picture you see how beautifull eggs you can get painting them in a traditional way  - using what pure nature gives you. And food... A lot of food... That’s how it happens when you go to a countryside for any kind of celebration...  Oh, food...

Huh, it has to be enough food now for at least a week and that’s good – if I save the money on eating, I have more to spend in all those cozy summer caffes & beer gardens in Riga! Yes, The Old Town is again in it’s most beautiful period of the year (it’s just my opinion). Summer caffes with a big choice of beers and live music on evenings are opened.  People are smiling, enjoying the weather sitting outside with a glass of beer or cup of coffee, places for smokers, places for non-smokers, music, what a great music!!!

People sitting in their offices can’t wait for the end of the day to get out to enjoy the sun and cosy atmosphere of the Old Town. Just a little bit and all gardens and parks will get green, flowering and pleasantly smelling. Ahh... Such a dream of a sunny day which you spend in the office listening to joyfull voices outside: steps from the pavement of the old town are coming inside through the window, laughter from outside is breaking the silence in the office and the sun, sun, sun...

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