Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Shopping Around For Your Holidays

Everybody hates „shoppers”. Again someone is just checking the prices... No chance to sell something for a shopper... And that’s good for you! It doesn’t matter what are you shopping around for – plane ticket, hotel, excursion – if the one you are talking to knows that his/her/their offer is not the best, you will feel their attitude to you. Just tell them: „I am shopping around.”

And if you are looking for the cheapest option don’t be shy to TELL THEM THE CHEAPEST PRICE YOU HAVE FOUND. It can help you to get what you want cheaper. But don’t try to lie. Usually they know what’s the approximate price – with taxes and WITHOUT TAXES. Make shure your „greatest deal ever” includes all taxes and applicable fees and is still available. Also don’t forget that every price depends on – availability, season, goverment and other authorities imposed taxes, region, quality, and being flexible with your travelling dates can really help you to find the best deals.

Don’t be afraid to USE TRAVEL AGENTS! Why? Because – they really can get for you good deals: 1) some of them can offer to you the price you can’t get anywhere else, just because of private contracts, 2) some of them will give you totally the same cheapest price you found before checking directly from the airline/hotel etc., if you trust the agent/agency – buy from them – you will also help them to earn their daily bread with getting commissions and without putting a mark-up on you, 3) they will really try to find what you want, 4) they know the secrets you don’ t know.

When you are in a trouble? Well... If you get into the hands of sales master... That’s the point where I can’ t help you and have no advice: don’t even try to cry over the phone or scream at them. There are different tactics shoppers are using and sales people know them and recognise easily – you can’t invent something new. The only one is being just nice and honest – not trying to be, not acting. Even people who are into sales have feelings. And when you get a good deal, not always there is a chance that you will get it also tomorrow. There is the guy in the movie „The Seelp of Science” who says: „Maybe yes, maybe no... Maybe rain, maybe snow...”

(If you are searching for the cheap ticket to Latvia - I hope you will get Ryanair, from other places also Lufthansa, Aeroflot, AirBaltic could be cheap).

These two pictures: Riga Central Market - the 2nd biggest market place in Europe.

Good luck!

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