Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Land That Sings = Best Enjoyed Slowly

8 years the official logo of Latvia told that this is THE LAND THAT SINGS. And it’s totally true. Latvians really are good singers, maybe because of going to sauna or eating a lot of mushrooms, maybe it’s because of our Midsummer’s  night which is still kept full of rituals and magic, but singing is something we are proud of. We have song and dance festival once per 5 years where thousands of people are singing Latvian folk songs and the songs of Latvian composers in the same voice, where thousands of people are dancing in the same rythm. 

Now our official logo has changed and it says – BEST ENJOYED SLOWLY. No, it doesn’t mean that Latvians are slow. It’s just better for you to stay here longer and see more. For example, Riga is not only bars, pubs and clubs of the Old Town (Historical Centre), well it’s important part of Riga and I am shure you will find for yourself every kind of place to have a good entertainment specially for your taste. But you can also find here big amount of interesting museums, high quality concerts, nice churches, Art Noveau achitecture, parks, gardens... Ok, I guess you know it, I’ll try to inform you about special places here. And – it’s worth it to cross the borders of the capital city to meet wonderfull things you will find only in Latvia – blue cows, flying people... No, I am not joking.

There is a song of our most famous band „Brainstorm” – „Welcome to my country” – full of peace and harmony the countryside and small towns in Latvia can give to you. There is white sand beaches, castles, manors and palaces, but what I love the most (and I defenitely advice to try is) Latvian sauna. There is no better spa, massage or any other more enjoyable procedure for your health and beauty. Don’t miss going to Latvian Sauna in the countryside! It’s something great and there is nothing more I personally miss the most if I haven’t been in a countryside or even in my country for longer time. Relax, take all the flowers and leafs with you into the sauna to get powers from them, use honey and salt, jump into the pound, river or lake and get back to sauna again. You will never feel cleaner, lighter and more relaxed than after sauna. I guess Latvia is really best enjoyed slowly.

What about Riga? It’s THE CITY OF INSPIRATION! 


  1. Sure! I'm living in Latvia :)

    Do you need to spread a word about this survey among non-residents of Latvia who have visited Latvia?

  2. Will it be possible to see the results of this surwey somewhere? I would be interested in it!


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