Wednesday, June 1, 2011

What to do when it's too hot in Riga?

Huh, it’s again really hot today! The best thing you can do is just to stay at the office/hotel/home behind dark curtains so the heat will not get you. Or you can enjoy it! Here is your how-to-enjoy-hot-weather-in-Riga guide:
Icecream. Everywhere and any amount of it. Our neighbours in Estonia say that Latvians are too strange with eating icecream (even in winter)  - and it’s normal, because we have sooo many sorts of it!

 Beer. What can be better than cold beer in one of these summer cafes! I usually go to „No Problem” at the Doma Square – the best place on summer with live music on evenings. Another popular and easy-to-find place is in Līvu Square. Ok, it’s not just one place, it’s more thabn one summer cafe, so choose which you like. But drink fast – in this sun beer will warm up quite fast.

Put your feet into fountain: near the Opera house you will find water nymph fountain, at the Vermann’s Garden you will see all 4 seasons in the fountain.

Since it’s allowed again to lie in the grass at the centre of Riga  - you don’t even have to go to the beach! You can stay near the Freedom monument, Bastion Hill, Opera House, Riga channel and catch the sun there!

Take the tram Nr. 11. or  take a Riga tour in a vintage tram to get out of the city centre - to Mežaparks – nice place near the lake: Riga Zoo,  roller skaters, water sports, children playing ground, wood... It will take around 30 min to get there from the centre.
Go to the Etnographical Open-Air Museum! One of the biggest Open-Air museums in Europe representing Latvian regions, traditions, household. It’s located near the lake and you will get there a lot of shadow. Houses, windmills, latvian traditions, people in traditionl costumes, folklore and events. To get there you should take a bus nr. 1 and get out at the stop „Brivdabas Muzejs”. It will take around 30-40 min. 
Ok, there is nothing else you want  - only The Sea, Baltic Sea, long white sand beaches, refreshing water, sun on your skin... Go to the train station and get a ticket to Vecāķi, Dubulti, Saulkrasti – the most popular beaches.... I think I’ll write a post about beaches close to Riga soon...
Well, you know – it’s the best to be at the countryside enjoying quite lakes, shadows from big trees and the smell of flowers when it’s too hot outside... Get out of the city!

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