Friday, April 1, 2011

Riga Which You don't Find in Tourist Guides II

If you start your walk from the Freedom Monument (leaving the Old Town behind you) in 20 min you will reach the  Daile Theatre and tramways. You are on Matīsa street. You can turn right and continue your walk on Matīsa street or turn left and countinue on Miera street (street of peace).

Now we turn to the left side: Miera iela  - The street of peace.


 Really peacefull and nice street with it’s pavement takes you away  - quite houses, beautiful architecture. Here you will find cozy places for your coffe break or for enjoying a glass of wine. On this street you will find some small shops – second-hand shop, tea shop, handicrafts shop... 

If you keep walking, soon you will reach the Great Graveyard. Exactly. The Great graveyard takes you into the world of memorial sculpture stories. Unfortunately this graveyard is not renovated and I can’t say that it’s very clean. It’s just a park now: here people take for a walk their dogs, go jogging or just walk, but its environment is supplemented with monuments and chapels. Enjoy  - all kind of memorial sculptures, monuments and memorial plaques. Read the stories on them – you will find the information on these monuments in German, Latvian and English languages from 19th and the beginning of 20th centuries. On some of them even whole stories... And you are still in the Centre of the City.

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