Sunday, January 9, 2011

Volunteering – the best way to get to know another place

This is what I did. I left my country to do a voluntary work. Almostly one year I lived in another country. And I got my second home there.

Volunteering is lifestyle for a lot of people. Volunteering puts you into another community – probably even totally different from yours. You see more than just places for tourists. You meet local people and you work with them. Who benefits from it? Both sides.

There are different programmes of volunteering, you just have to find the one which best fits to you. You can choose the country, you can choose your activities, you can choose how long you will stay there. There are programmes you have to invest a lot of money, you have to invest some money or... you do not invest anything. I chosed the last one – European Voluntary Service (EVS) – well it’s only for Europe, for youngsters between age of 18 to 30. I wont tell you now, what is EVS. I’ll tell you the benefits you get from it, especially from long-term volunteering.

1)      You live in another country and get to know local people by working together with them.

2)      You meet people who can tell you amazing things you wont find about the country anywhere and they will show you amzing places, even these which are hidden from eyes of a tourist.
3)      You learn their traditions, model of different relationships etc.
4)      You get work/life experience you wont probably get in your home country.
5)      You are intresting for local people and they care about you because you care about them.
6)      You „go deep” because of beeing a tourist and a local at the same time.
7)      You help to someone.
8)      You make friends there.
9)       You get sooooooo much joy from small things!
10)  You make the world better place to live.

I love the experience
I got volunteering abroad.
I really advice to try it.
You will never forget it.
And you will defenitely
get to know the country.
I’m waiting you in Latvia.

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