Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Enjoy Your Cup of Tea and Taste Good Books

Latest „Live Riga” issue tells about 3 cafes – reading rooms in the centre of Riga. I also love reading and really appreciate interesting books, so I guess, I have to tell you about these nice places Live Riga advices for you – discover the joy of reading. If you want to enjoy peace, intellectual conversations, a cup of coffe or just a nice atmosphere for reading your favorite books or you want to discover some really good literature – check out these places:

„¼ Satori„ (Lāčplēša street 31)  - it’s a bookstore, reading room, cafe and venue for public readings close to The Riga New Theatre. It’s a cozy place for reading, public lectures, discussions, poetry readings.... More than 6000 Latvian and English books – philosophy, theory, fiction, the store of second-hand books and limited editions.

„Pie Humberta” (Berg’s Bazaar, Marijas street 13/2) – bookstore, reading-room, buffet. Here you will find new and used books – popular literature, travel books, classics, cook books, photography, hobbies etc.

„Robert’s Books” (Antonijas street 12, entrance from Dzirnavu street) – bookstore of second-hand books in English. Take a cup of tee/coffee and enjoy books about history, travelling, fiction, check out travel guides, maps and encyclopedias.

These places invite you to cultural events, exhibitions, open discussions, acoustic concerts, and readings. Read, read, read...

Pictures: 1)1/4Satori; 2) Pie Humberta

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