Friday, December 17, 2010

To Eat Or Not To Eat...

Check this out: I found some rules on the internet under the title „Professional Travel Health Advice”:

·         Don’t use unpasteurised milk, non bottled drinks , and uncooked food etc.
·         Use bottled or boiled water for cleaning your teeth and don't open your mouth and drink water in the shower.
·         Dishes containing raw or undercooked eggs, such as home-made mayonnaise, some sauces (e.g. hollandaise) and some desserts (e.g. mousses), are not a good idea.
·         Ice-cream that doesn't have a recognisable international brand name, and could be made locally, is often contaminated and could be a danger.

·         When confronted with cooked food, the holidaymaker should ensure that it has been thoroughly and freshly cooked.
·          Ice should be avoided unless made from safe water.

So, better don’t eat! Don’t wash! Don’t try any traditional food! And dangerous ice-cream... Well, I was always thinking that it’s a part of travelling...

I’m not a doctor and I can’t tell what’s better for you. My rules for travel healh would be: 1) If you know what kind of food you can’t eat, don’t eat it. 2) If you go to some exotic countries, check before – maybe you need some vaccine. 3) Keep with you some simple first aid things: a plaster, tissue-paper etc. 4) Sleep well 5) Try traditional food, but don’t get too excited by eating it, it can end up with vomiting even if you don’t feel it at the beginning, even if the food is extremally delicious (unfortunately). I had this experience with grape-leaves...6) In case of some unexpected health problems – please, look for a doctor. I mean, alternative medicine is very cool thing, but if you understand what is happening. Well, if you think your leg is broken better to go to a doctor.

There was also one very nice „professional” advice:
·         Drinks such as wine or beer, hot tea or coffee, and carbonated soft drinks or fruit juices that are bottled or otherwise packaged are usually safe to drink.

As long as you are able to see, smell, taste and understand – everything is ok with you. Enjoy!

Pictures: 1) Ice-cream - my favorite one from my childhood – made in Latvia. 2) Riga Black Balsam – made in Latvia and only in Latvia – pretty strong herbal liquer what makes it to be the best medicine in winter if you add it to your tee/coffee/hot balckcurrant juice... 3) „Green Spoon” – this symbol on food is the sign –qualitative food made in Latvia from high-quality staples.

Next time I’ll tell you some special traditional things Latvians do to keep themselves healty... Alternative methods you have to try here...

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