Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Easy To Go, Hard To Leave

In this post you see 5 pictures – actually 5 posters from the campaign for advertising Riga in other countries last year. Ok, we see there hearts, Christmas tree, joyfull people, buildings – Opera house, Blackhead’s house... The title tells: „Easy to go, hard to leave”. And that’s all about Riga...

The Christmas tree: yes, the first Christmas tree was decorated in Riga 500 years ago. We are not claiming to be the Country of Christmas, not at all. We just put the first candles to dacorate a tree... These joyfull people in other picture, of course, are enjoying the variety of the night life in Riga. Opera house... As I wrote before – Latvians are singers and our white opera house is the place where a lot of Latvian opera singers made their first steps before singing on all famous stages... Our opera singers are highly valuated in the world, the same I could say about our choirs. What else you don’t see in these pictures – Art Noveau architecture. In spite of wars and the prints of shots in the walls of the buildings, Riga has the biggest collection of Art Noveau buildings in the world. Because of this wealth some streets are included in UNESCO world heritage.

And what is that heart??? This is the heart of the traveller... When travellers leave Riga, their hearts still stay in Riga – in their nice memories... Oh, yes, you can see here hundreds of hearts walking on the streets without owners, people just cant get them back to the train or plane... I guess, that’s the reason why so many people are returning in Riga again and again!

Basic information:
  • Founded in 1201 by German bishop Albert
  • The Capital of North
  • The biggest city in Baltics
  • Art Noveau and Medieval architecture
  • The River of Destiny – Daugava
  • The City of Inspiration
  • Inhabitants (2008): 717 371
  • And more...

Slowly, slowly... it’s not good to tell everything at once...

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